Explaining every facet of the gospel for every part of our lives.

Welcome! We believe God has called us as a church to be about The Gospel in all that we do. We believe our approach to The Gospel is what makes our church unique in this city.

of Faith

Our statement of faith is based on Biblical Scripture and told through the Apostles' Creed.

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Join Us For Worship

Weekend Gatherings are our opportunity to reflect on New Life through the Gospel and an opportunity to worship God as the Gospel has reconciled us to our Creator.

Worship Gathering Times

Sunday mornings at 10:00am
1600 East Lincoln Highway DeKalb, IL

What To Bring

Yourself, a friend, and a Bible. The church in DeKalb uses the English Standard Version for preaching and teaching. Free copies of the ESV are made available in the bookshelf next to the sound booth.

The Gospel is for Kids Too!

We at The church in DeKalb believe the Gospel is such good news that our children are able to enjoy and learn who Christ is. We believe the best teacher for kids is their own parents or guardians. We equip parents with the truth of the Gospel and we hope parents/guardians are able to then disciple (teach & support) their kids with the gospel.

Join Us For Worship
What To Expect

What to Expect:

Each week you can expect us to worship using these Key Facets of Worship:
Revelation: Seeing God; asking God to reveal Himself. Seeing God and His holiness.
Adoration: People enjoying and adoring God, seen.
Confession: Seeing God's holiness, people see themselves and see our sin.
Expiation: Seeing God remove sin.
Proclamation: Declaring the Gospel, that God is holy and makes us holy in Christ alone.
Dedication: Joining ourselves to God; dedicating ourselves to Him.
Supplication: Prayer. Asking God for His grace and help that we may continue to walk in Faith.
Commission: Being sent out by God to announce the Gospel.


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Listen to Recent Sermons

You can listen to recent sermons here, or download our app and listen to sermons on the go. Be sure to enable notifications to get reminders, news, alerts, and even prayer requests sent right to your pocket.

Our Leaders


Dawn Rodriguez

Dawn Rodriguez

In serving at The Church in DeKalb, Dawn's vision is to help foster an environment to help our people know, experience and worship our amazing God. She is passionate about leading people into God's presence and teaching people to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who teaches us how to worship. Dawn finds great joy in encouraging our people to use their gifts and talents to further God's kingdom here in DeKalb, IL.

Along with her leadership opportunities at The Church in DeKalb, Dawn also teaches music in a local elementary school. Dawn would say that the best part about serving is the opportunity to use her talents learned in school as a way to glorify God. Dawn loves the fact that she can use music as a tool for worshiping the Lord.

Because Dawn's family currently lives in the far off lands of Texas and California, she has seen The Church in DeKalb has stepped into her life in an amazing way. Jesus has shown Dawn in a very real and tangible way how His church really is a body and that we can be united through Christ.


Donna Bray

Donna Bray

Donna is our "Mary Poppins." That's what we call her because she is practically perfect in every way - at least as a Christian and a Church Member. Donna enjoys history, especially church history. Besides knitting and pouring Cappuccinos for Starbucks, she's a great servant in the church and a great theologian too.

Donna joined The church in DeKalb 9 years ago, and she is one of the very first people that we even met in the beginning of our church plant. She's served in formal roles such as Children's Director and informal-just-get-it-done roles throughout the church, everywhere. Donna grew up in the Sycamore and DeKalb area. She graduated from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is an incredible part of our family.

Mark Fiedler

Mark Fielder

Mark is a Deacon at The church in DeKalb and has been a member for 4 years. He aims to spread the Gospel throughout the world and to teach properly, using only Biblical Wisdom to do so.

Mark has attended church since childhood, but has grown ever closer to God, especially in recent years. He struggled with understanding justice for many years, but has seen how God's Justice is different from human, worldly justice. His favorite verse is Matthew 16:23 because it encapsulates all Idolatry and misplaced faith, while establishing God's perfect plan. Mark has been married to Layne since 2013, and they have a daughter, Adelaide, born in 2017.

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The Gospel is for kids too!

The Church For Kids

Family Room (birth-2 yr.)

We have a family room for young kids where you can view the livestream.

The Church for Kids (3-9 yr.)

There will be a brief kids lesson after the service.

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